NDAA Twitter Campaign – Final Debate

Let’s Get #NDAA Trending During The Debate


RevolutionTruth asked for help “twitter bombing truth” on debates that fall far short of standards of honesty and reality, and the calvary arrived! No horses and bayonets here, rather, regular people around the world armed themselves with the hash tag #StopNDAA and flooded the debates with calls for these candidates to pay attention. Anonymous joined Suicide Girls, Naomi Wolf, Demand Progress, Birgitta Jonsdottir, WeAreChange, and many others to put #StopNDAA in slot number four and five worldwide for a good portion of the debate. Over 31,000 people per hour joined the surge, with many crediting Suicide Girls with educating them about the NDAA and our recent huge win for your liberties.

Despite what seems to be a jointly agreed-upon strategy by Democrats and Republicans to ignore egregious assaults on our liberties, #StopNDAA did flash across millions of TV screens around the world, care of you and ABC.

In the face of candidates and parties that utterly lack integrity, the people demand to be heard.

Thank you to all of you for a successful campaign. Thank you for standing with us during the final debate!

Huffington Post, Salon, and The Hill report on wordwide trending.

Please join us in trying to get the #NDAA trending on Twitter during the final presidential debate. BOTH parties are colluding in denying you your First and Fifth amendment rights under the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, and both candidates refuse to discuss this bipartisan assault on civil liberties.


Monday, Oct 22, 2012, 9pm EDT


Tweeting #stopNDAA or #NDAA at the final presidential debates


https://twitter.com/ @stopNDAAnow

Help us by tweeting the hash tags #NDAA, or #StopNDAA at #Debate on Monday night. Here are sample tweets:

Will either #Debate candidate discuss #NDAA assault on rights? Help us expose bipartisan assault on constitution. http://www.StopNDAA.org/

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I support #StopNDAA and expect the candidates to talk about it at the #Debate @stopNDAAnow http://www.StopNDAA.org/

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  1. arrest and detention on suspicion only ,without any due process?? That is like HITLER, STALIN,POLPOT and Mao see tung! And should never be allowed in any country anywhere on the planet earth.

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